Is Breast Reduction Surgery Right for You?

Breast reduction surgery also known as mammoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure performed to reduce the size of the large breasts. It removes the excess fat, glandular tissues, and skin from the breasts that assists in regaining the breast size proportionate to your body by relieving discomfort.

Breast reshaping surgery helps in shaping both the breasts, which improves your self-image and make you an active participant in daily physical activities.

At Body Aesthetix Cosmetic Clinic, Our board-certified plastic surgeons specialized in liposuction breast procedure that provides faster recovery with less scarring with low discomfort level that shapes and re-sizes the breasts making them appear natural.

Why breast reduction surgery is done?

  • Neck & Back pain
  • Inflammatory breast cancer
  • Fibrocystic breast changes
  • Difficulty in breastfeeding
  • Difficulty in the fitting of clothes & undergarments
  • Restrictions in physical activities

Are you a Candidate?

  • Having skin irritation under the breast.
  • Frustration with large and heavy breasts size.
  • Is jogging and jumping is restricted by the size of breasts?
  • Physical therapy is unable to achieve the desired results for months.
  • Downward dangling of the breasts.
  • Breathing issues while napping in the rear position.

Prepare for breast reduction surgery:

Opt-in for pre-consultation with our expert plastic surgeon regarding several key aspects

  • Assessing your health history.
  • Determining the desired size and appearance of the breast relevant to your body.
  • Amount of anesthesia dosages during the surgery.
  • Take the portrait of your breasts for medical treatment.
  • Overview prescription about the procedure with its benefits and risks.
  • Going through the required lab tests.
During the surgery:
  • The patient is given anesthesia during the surgery and breast reduction surgery might take 3-4 hours to complete.
  • The patient is recommended for overnight stay

Liposuction breast reduction option:

Liposuction can be used by the surgeon for removing the excess fat & tissue from both the breast for making it proportionate to the body type of the women. When the surgery is finished the patient is wrapped under a surgical bra or an elastic bandage overdressing to stop the drain of blood or fluids for a few days.

The patient may feel uncomfortable & may feel pain for a few initial days after. After the bandage is removed after 2 days, the patient can switch to a sports bra to add support to their breast. After the first menstruation patient may feel pain, hurt, soreness, swelling after their for few months. Scares remain in breast after the surgery is done scars are normal after having Breast Reduction Surgery.

This scare doesn’t completely disappear but it fades away with time, these scars can cause a problem for a lifetime if any physical work is done after the surgery. After the surgery, it's very often to remain lumpy and red for months. After the surgery doctor's advice to a patient is to rest at least for 4 weeks, not to do any physical activities during this time of period, a surgeon might suggest avoiding underwire bras for a few months after surgery & after 4 weeks women can do the normal lifting, pushing of some heavy things.

However, after 6 or 8 weeks the patient can do most of the physical activities of home & can go to the office if willing too. When severe pain, bleeding takes place the patient should immediately contact the doctor.

After almost a year or after the patient can feel their new breast settled at the new place & will feel comfortable about it, the patient & their family, friends will take time to settle with the new image of the patient. Most of the patients are happy & pleased after the operation & with the results of it. Breast Reduction Surgery is also done for future planning; eg-child birth, weight loss, breastfeeding, good self-image.

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