Derma roller

A skin needling mini wheel device with a hundreds of small surgical needles with the thickness diameter of 0.25mm at their base used to perform micro needle secession. It may look like some kind of a mini torture device, but it’s actually quite effective and not painful at all when used properly.

Who can use it? Anyone that has acne scarring, someone with larger pores or who just wants a skin-tightening boost. Does it Hurt? The lager the needle the introduced, the more painful it's going to be. A light hand while the process helps with the pain. Anytime good to have it done from the experts.

Frequently Asked Questions
A derma roller is an instrument that creates micro holes in the skin for product to better penetrate, it wouldn't necessarily be for collagen synthesis. It's a great way to get any products to absorb and penetrate the skin.
Derma roller can be used on skin for stretch marks, acne, pores, hyper pigmentation.
Derma rolling is a skin treatment. The derma roller is rolled over the skin in order to create tiny skin punctures which helps in skin repairing. The whole process leads to the creation of new collagen that is part of the connective tissue that is responsible for the strength, firmness, suppleness and elasticity in skin.
The process is slow and can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to show positive results.
Yes, it is safe, if it is done with proper consultation and method. The procedure is minimally invasive, but it isn't safe for people who use certain acne medications or women who are pregnant.
After your treatment you'll experience minor redness and irritation for a few days after the procedure. Doctors suggest not to do many facial movements also minimal skin exposure to heat. Do not rub your skin.

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