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Non Surgical Facelift Procedure A thread facelift is a safe and very convenient alternative to traditional facelift surgery, also it is less invasive with much relatable effects. It is done to reduce the sagging of cheeks, jaw line and neck. It is a very quick treatment and with less risk than any other conventional intensive treatments. For the facelift treatment special threads are used. To further minimize any traces of surgery, clear threads are used.

This thread then discreetly hold repositioned skin and facial tissue in place after surgery, and the skin looks soft and the sagginess gets eliminated and slightly raised skin can be seen immediately after the treatment. A non-surgical face lift can be a cost-efficient and viable means to enhance the physical appearance of the facial area. A non-surgical face lift can reduce the appearance of your wrinkles and fine lines and boost the overall elegance of the your face. Compared to surgical procedure non surgical facelift is less expensive and require less recovery time making non surgical Face Lifts very convenient.

Minimally alleviation or nonsurgical refers to procedures like facial injectables and laser resurfacing treatments that don’t require hospitalization or large incisions. In today's society we are constantly reminded by the media and manipulative marketing campaigns to fear the inescapable : Aging. Everywhere we look around, there is promise in some new product, food, or activity for its anti-aging benefits. And who doesn’t want to look young? These days, it seems the 60s are the new 30s, especially with the long list of treatments out there to tighten, lift, and smooth the skin. But for many, a conscious diet and tedious skincare regimen are not enough. There are 5 popular new age, non-invasive anti-aging facelift substitutes to defy time.

Thermage has become a popular anti-aging treatment for men and women seeking a non-invasive facial rejuvenation technique. Thermage is used by plastic surgeons and dermatologists to reduce signs of skin laxity and wrinkles on the face and body. The Thermage system employs the use of heat to stimulate collagen growth in problem areas. the duration of the treatment usually takes one hour to perform and the minor side effects that can go along with the procedure generally withdraw in a few days.

Laser Face Lift:
Looking for a face lift that doesn't entail incisions? The duration of the treatment usually takes one hour to perform and the minor side effects that can come with the treatment generally will disappear in a few days. If you are thinking about getting a face lift that doesn't require incisions? With a laser face lift, there is no scarring, cutting or Anastasia. Using laser technology, doctors resurface and tighten the outer layers of the skin, leaving patients with less fine lines and wrinkles. The non-surgical laser face lift does cause some minor discoloration and sensitivity immediately after treatment; however, these side effects typically disappear within a week or two.

Microcurrent Face Lift:
Also known as the Bio-Ultimate face lift, a microcurrent face lift is a non-surgical face lift procedure that is aesthetically effective and cost efficient. Gentle electric currents are applied to the face, stimulating a natural cellular reaction, during a microcurrent face lift

- Fast
- Little discomfort
- No general anesthesia
- Economical
- Temporarily try out a new look

The results of a Non-surgical face lift tend to last for a shorter period of time compared to a surgical face lift. Non-surgical face lift procedure may be better suited for men and women who have slight skin imperfections that they hope to cosmetically correct. Most of our non-surgical facelift patients are younger who do not need any surgical intervention. However, if you are not ready for surgical procedures because of time, financial, or medical limitations, we can offer non-surgical approach to improve and return a youthful appearance to your face in the meanwhile.

Frequently Asked Questions
Thread lifting is a procedure that works to tackle sags and folds.
Areas can be treated in thread lifting are eyebrows, cheek sagging, thread lift often focuses its attention on mid face, jowl and neck-lifting.
Thread lift is the quickest and most progressive cosmetic surgery. Recovery time is very quick also the surgery is minimally invasive.
People with age from 35 and above are suited for thread lift.
There are no severe risk in thread lift as how non-invasive they are. But in uncommon case some patients may experience irritation, infection or their sutures becoming visible under their skin.
It takes 2 hours for a procedure, but the time may differ according to your treatment.
Immediately, after the procedure one will feel their face numb due to anaesthesia and the physicians ask them to avoid face movements as much as they can during the recovery time.
It generally lasts from one to three years.

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