Nose Reshaping Surgery

Recovery from Rhinoplasty surgery is done for changing the shape of the nose who have breathing, have a bad shape of nose after the birth or who have injured nose. It is commonly known as 'nose job'.

There are three portions of the nose:

  • Nasal Bone
  • Upper Lateral Cartilage
  • Upper Lateral Cartilage

This surgery should be done when the patient is in good health & when the patient doesn't smoke because it can lead to tissue damage of the patient. This surgery also helps to improve the personality of the patient, this surgery normally takes 1 to 3 hrs to complete because nose is very sensitive part of the body, when a patient comes for the Rhinoplasty he/she should be in growing age.

When considering this surgery for teens, the girls age should be between 15 or 16; the boys age should be between 17 or 18. Before conducting the surgery doctor may take picture of the nose from different angles for assessing that the operation should be conducted or should be avoided.

This pictures may help doctor to achieve the desired results of the operation. Patient should also discuss about his/her hope before the surgery takes place, should also talk about the benefits & risks of the surgery. The upper portion of the nose is bone, and the lower portion is cartilage.

There are two type of Rhinoplasty Surgery

  • "Closed Rhinoplasty":- In "Closed Rhinoplasty" the cut is formed at intervals the nostrils
  • "Open Rhinoplasty":-In "Open Rhinoplasty" the cut is formed across the tissue between the nostrils further as at intervals the nostrils. These cuts heal & area unit barely visible.

Before opting for this surgery the patient should ask the doctor every details related to the surgery, what will the benefit & the risk of the surgery. The patient should also inform about his/her past medical history before opting for the surgery. The doctor may also take the physical tests of the patient to whether he/she is fit for the surgery or not.

Risks of Rhinoplasty:-

  • Breathing problem
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling, Pain & Discoloration
  • Permanent Numbness

After the surgery patient is advised to do bed rest with head raised higher than the chest, slight bleeding is common after the surgery or after removing the dressing, post surgery nose will be congested because of swelling. after surgery doctor places a small drip--pad a small piece of gauze held in place with tape under the nose to stop bleeding.

To lower the chance of bleeding doctor may advice the patient to :

  • To avoid physical activities
  • Don't blow the nose
  • Don't wear t-shirts & Hoddies
  • Brush teeth gently so there is no movement of upper lips.
  • Don’t rest any sunglasses or eye glasses.
  • Avoid sexual activities

After the surgery doctor may ask keep the patient his/her observation whether the patient is ready to go home or not. When the patient is getting discharge from the hospital, there should someone with the patient to be with him/her.

After the surgery the can expect swelling on nose because of cuts & advised to wear nasal spint for 1 or 2 weeks post surgery. This surgery can take time upto 6 months to recover fully, till the patient is not successfully recovered from the surgery the patient should avoid:- walking, running, travelling, excessive chewing, smoking, swimming, laughing, smiling & to avoid other facial expressions.

The patient should also keep ice pack after 1 week of the surgery to lower the swelling. Patient. The patient should try to not to sleep on left & right side because it can injure their nose.

Frequently Asked Questions
Rhinoplasty is done for various reasons like to improve breathing or improve appearances after several consultations with doctor you will know if you are suitable for the surgery.
No, procedure is not painful. Physicians will suggest some of the appropriate painkillers after this procedure.
Yes, due to bone restructuring and minimally invasive surgery there will be swelling and bruising for 2 weeks which will subsidies by time.
Yes, for resetting the bone and it will be there for three months.
Yes, you will smell some different odour, but it will initially disperse in few weeks.
After the swelling and bruising will subsides which will take few weeks you will able to see the changes from the surgery.
Some risks are bleeding, infections or adverse reaction to anaesthesia. Some major risks, if any can be learnt after consulting a doctor.

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