Flower Design for Skin Polishing Treatment in Mumbai Is your skin turning dull and tired?

Skin Polishing Treatment Procedure At Body Aesthetix Cosmetic Clinic, our expert dermatologists perform skin polishing & brightening treatment that heals skin disorders, namely acne, age spots, and wrinkles that makes your skin reattain younger and firmer appearance.

We adopt the microdermabrasion non-invasive procedure that cautiously removes the dead skin cells making your skin smooth, glowing and develop newer cell regrowth.

Types of microdermabrasion skin polishing & brightening treatment:
- Crystal Microdermabrasion:
We implement crystal microdermabrasion procedure wherein tiny crystals are infused over uppermost dead skin cells. These crystals exfoliates the epidermal layer with a vaccum tube, leading to the formation of fresher skin cells that increase the circulation for a young look.
- Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion:
The diamond-tip microdermabrasion involves remedy wherein diamond-tip wand exfoliates the dead skin cells leading to a boost in the production of collagen.

Skin polishing & brightening treatment is a great method of reversing skin damage, by the removal of dead skin cells, making the skin more radiant and fair.

The procedure for skin polishing & brightening treatment:
Skin Polishing is very similar to a facial in terms of how it feels, it is a very easy and gentle treatment.
In the session, prior to the treatment, the face should be thoroughly clean to ensure it is deficient of any makeup or any form of facial products.
The microdermabrasion head is then used by the dermatologist, multiple times around the face as that would help your skin to be exfoliated and the scars or marks on the skin are lightened.
This procedure would be carried out for around 45 to 30 minutes in a single session. The treatment is very simple it would just require the individual to lie back as the equipment works its magic, removing of the dead cells and giving the skin a new life.
Every pore of the skin would be gone through as the microdermabrasion head would suck up the dead cells and nurture the skin to make it look fresher and smoother in appearance.
To heal the open pores and close them the session would be followed by the application of creams or serums on the skin to retain the treatment. The facial is expected to be red due the treatment, which would wear off with time and the cream or serum would help to prevent any further side effects, Once the redness goes, the skin would look much healthier, softer and smoother and the individual can continue sessions to fulfill the requirement he or she wishes to achieve.

Side Effects:
Microdermabrasion a very pleasant treatment with minimal side effects. The only considerable effect is you may experience some redness that disappears within an hour or so if your skin is sensitive.
Other than that, there no irregularities in the skin, and you can return to normal activities immediately.

Who needs Skin Polishing?
Adults who have dull and patchy skin and also who feel like they have buildup dead cells, dirt and sebum, who want cure lines, scars and other environmentally damaged symptoms from the surface of the skin.

Advantages of Skin Polishing:

  • Promotes new cell growth:
    Exfoliating your face and skin will not only remove derbies, dead cells and skin, oil, and dirt but also stimulates the growth of new cells.
    A dry, dull and unattractive appearance is usually caused by clogged pores and dead cell build-up. During the length of your treatment, a special scrub will be used very gently to polish the buildup, revealing a new layer of shiny and healthier skin.
  • Diminishes pigmentation:
    If you are looking to get rid of pigmentation, scars, ugly blemishes, dark circles or nourish your dry or oily skin in a fresh tone, then a skin polishing would be the perfect option.
    A lighter toned and glowing skin can be expected after skin polishing treatment. This is due to the fact, that the exfoliation technique generally removes the dead skin and sometimes an entire layer is removed which in turn lightens the skin tone while giving it a gleaming look.
  • Reinvigorates the skin:
    Skin polishing treatment is due when you live in the city with high levels of pollution and stress from work showing its effect on your skin the skin polishing and brightening treatment is an experience that is very stimulating and will certainly help you get rid of those dull and patchy skin.
    Once your skin is cleared of dead skin cells and debris, it will get a natural glow that will speak a lot about your health and well being.
  • Moisturizes the skin:
    Lotions and essential oils are used to moisturize the skin, once your skin has been exfoliated, open pores should be closed to prevent the accumulation of dirt and other wastes.
    The oil or lotion will be applied to the skin and as the pores open, they will permeate deeper to provide smoother and softer skin for hours.
  • Triggers blood flow:
    Massage and exfoliation stimulate blood circulation, helping to invigorate and relax the complexion of your skin. This in return improves circulation leads to a blooming and budding complexion and a smooth skin texture.
    The result of skin brightening and polishing treatment can be visible instantly, as it leaves you looking youthful with a refined skin throughout.

Frequently Asked Questions
It is a minimally invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture. It can improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, and other skin-related concerns and conditions.
The procedure uses a special applicator with a harsh surface to gently mask off the thick outer layer of the skin to rejuvenate it. A different microdermabrasion technique sprays fine particles of aluminium oxide or sodium bicarbonate with a suction to achieve the same outcome as the abrasive surface.
Mostly there are 5-12 sessions which are performed one to two weeks apart. Most patients see improvements in one session only.
Yes, it is safe, but consult a doctor as per your health.
Microdermabrasion is non-invasive so most patients return to their daily routine immediately.
No, downtime for microdermabrasion you can return to your daily routine.
A perfect candidates for microdermabrasion are people who are healthy and have minor imperfections or skin conditions. Microdermabrasion works well for damaged skin, whether affected by acne, sun damage or aging; and skin of any type or colour.
Microdermabrasion is not recommended for people who have deep scars, pregnant women, individuals with deep scars, facial creases, or other moderate-to-severe skin problems.

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